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About Us

Earthside's Story...

The Earthside vision began in 2006 when Earthside Founder and Creatrix, Raiya Iverson, began her career working in a local Cancer Hospital. Her passion for people and her ability to connect on a soul level with her patients led her on a path to search for a deeper way of connecting with people. As hospital policies continued to mute her abilities to connect the way patients needed and wanted, it became apparent that her original path into nursing was course correcting, and steadily coming to an end. Over time, she identified and embraced her desire to hold a more holistic foundation in her caregiving, which led her out of the hospital system and on her own path as a "Life Doula", aspiring Midwife, Reiki Master and the owner of Earthside Holistic, which she established in February of 2018. Raiya proudly taught her first class in the summer of 2018 in St. George Utah and continues to offer courses locally and abroad. She has been a guest speaker on several recent podcasts about Death & Grief, as well as other subjects such as Angels, Dreamwork, Mercy, Forgiveness and LOVE. Her passion to spread awareness about these topics are apparent in her loving and peaceful demeanor. 

Raiya has a deep desire to bring her community together for the healing of the Collective. She aptly deemed Earthside's motto: "Community, not Competition", stating that "We are all in this together." Raiya continues, while holding her hand on her heart, "I have a passionate belief that others teaching Death Doula courses are not my competition, but rather, my beautiful allies". She continues, "The more people these allies bring into the Collective, to care for the dying, the more exposure we all get in this profession to take care of those in need in our Communities! We are all mutually benefitted... how amazing is that?!" 

The Earthside Tribe consists of our Owner, the Program Director, our Student Teachers, Earthside Angels™/Students, Death Doula Allies, Clients & Loved Ones, Collaborators, Healing Artists, Community Members, Content Creators & those on the other side prompting us to care for their loved ones...

Earthside Vision & Mission:

Earthside believes in the holistic practices of caring for each other and the world. Everything we do is based around the betterment of people and planet. It is our intention to offer, teach and practice healing, holistic, thorough, evidence-based culture of care standards that every person deserves...

Earthside bases its principles and teachings on the concept of LOVE. We Love what we do, we Love who we serve, we heal through Love, even in Death. We believe that all things are an act of Love, or a call for Love. Earthside is here to serve our communities and leave them better than we found them.

Our Earthside Angels are what bring the vibrant importance to our Earthside End of Life Doula program. We are a tribe of Doulas and Caregivers and we are here to support you long after you have certified with us. We also LOVE and fellowship all Doulas from any certification program to be part of the Earthside tribe! We hope to start having our Earthside Angel Coterie(s) again now that covid has declined.

Earthside supports all those who practice and engage in these healing standards. Our motto: "Community, not Competition". Earthside believes in transparency and we will be happy to provide what information & links we know about our competitors/allies so you can compare Earthside with other End of Life Doula programs. We support our "competition" because we deeply and sincerely believe in the importance of this profession, and other programs only enhance the value of what we do!!

Earthside's programs are copyrighted and may not be used without explicit approval of the business Creatrix.

Earthside does sell the rights to use and teach the Earthside End of Life Doula Certification course. Please contact us for details.

Earthside supports and LOVES collaborating with other healing artists. If you would like to collaborate on any healing arts project, podcast, workshop, seminar, symposium or would like Earthside to host or emcee an event or support your holistic product, please get in touch with us either through FB, IG or our website for further details. We can't wait to work with you!!

Earthside ALWAYS gives EEOLD course discounts to Single Mothers/Fathers and to Veterans!!! We also give discounts for paid referrals and we offer payment plans. Contact us for more details!

Let’s Collaborate!

Earthside - Service to People & Planet

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