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An Earthside and H.E.L.D. Collaboration:

Join our monthly Death Café, where everyone is invited and encouraged to join in the discussion on all aspects of death, dying and mortality.

Upcoming Sessions:

March 27th 2024

  • 6-8pm

  • The Lotus Center

  • 4376 S 700 E STE 200, Millcreek, UT 84107​

Donations Welcome

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Lotus center
An Earthside Holistic and HELD Collaboration
How will you attend?

"...talking about death is life affirming..."

Come join us for our next Death Café to talk about anything you want regarding death, fear of death, experience with death, questions about death, affirmations about death, or even topics on Life itself... 

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Our Death Café @ the Lotus upholds standards set forth by

  • We have no intention of leading participants to any conclusion, product or course of action.

    • We are NOT offering this Death Café to promote our businesses. In doing so would contravene the above principle of not leading people to any conclusion, product and course of action.

  • We offer an open, respectful and confidential space where people can express their views safely, without judgement or agenda.

  • We offer this Death Café on a not for profit basis. However, Donations and Sponsors Welcomed and help secure the ongoing use of space and refreshments.

  • We intend to offer refreshing drinks and nourishing food. 

  • Death Café is not a bereavement support or grief counselling setting. Death Café doesn't work as well for people who aren't able to discuss death comfortably and openly. However, you are welcome to come and just listen to the conversations if this is what makes you comfortable.

  • Death Café is not an opportunity to give people information about death and dying - regardless of how good or important it is. Rather we discuss death without expectations. For this reason having guest speakers and information materials available is actively discouraged

  • Death Café doesn't work as a method of community engagement, research or consultation. It shouldn't be used for these purposes.

  • In the Death Café there are no hierarchies.

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