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Earthside Angels

Certified Earthside End of Life Doulas

Meet our amazing Earthside Angels™!

Below you will find many of our trained Earthside students, some who

have certified through our End of Life Doula Certification course.

Our Doula Students work through 16-20 hours of in class content (typically split into 4 days) and then they have 12 months to volunteer 80 hours in the End of Life Community in order to certify.

(This comes out to be 2 full weeks of volunteer time.)

Earthside proudly endorses & promotes our Certified Earthside Angels™

by providing contact links. 

All linked profiles are posted with permission. Click on their name, picture or social media icon to be taken to their website/social media pages/contact information.

Certified Earthside End of Life Doulas (EEOLD)

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Kymbr Phillips

Serving those in St. George, UT and surrounding areas.


Laurel Ortez

Serving those in St. George, UT and surrounding areas.

Colin M. Green

Serving Veterans in Salt Lake City, UT and surrounding areas


Brooks Reese

Serving Veterans in St. George, UT and surrounding areas.


Alondra Choi

Serving those in Round Rock TX and surrounding areas.

Earthside EEOLD Trained/Current Students

This is a list of Earthside Students who have either taken the End of Life Doula course and not completed their volunteer hours to certify, or they are currently enrolled in one of our EEOLD courses. After our students certify, they will be added to the certified student list and their contact info shared. Promotion is offered as a benefit to Certified Earthside Angels™ and Members of the Earthside Community.

Malynda M

Trained EEOLD Student - Southern UT

Marjorie M

Trained EEOLD Student - Southern UT

Sophia C

Trained EEOLD Student - Southern UT

Marsha K

Trained EEOLD Student - Southern UT

Molly G

EEOLD Student - Utah County, UT

Chelsea U

Trained EEOLD Student - Salt Lake County, UT

Carly B

Trained EEOLD Student - Salt Lake County, UT

Leslie B

Trained EEOLD Student - Salt Lake County, UT

Melanie S

Trained EEOLD Student - Salt Lake County, UT

Cathleen B

Trained EEOLD Student - Heber, UT

Lauren P

Trained EEOLD Student - Utah County, UT

Casey S

Trained EEOLD Student - Salt Lake County, UT

Cassie T

EEOLD Student - Southern UT

Lucia M

EEOLD Student - Southern UT

Jenn E

EEOLD Student - Salt Lake County, UT

What Students Are Saying...

Carly - UT

Via Google Review

I kind of stumbled upon this End of Life Doula certification and I am so grateful that I did. Reaya was so welcoming and held such incredible space for us students and our learning (not surprising). You can tell how much love and care went into creating her course outline. It’s also very telling of the amount of experience she has with so many different clients and situations.
I learned so much and gained an entirely new view on death, dying and grief. Thank you Reaya.
I wish everyone knew that End of Life Doulas existed because this service is very underrated and every single person experiencing death (themselves or a loved one) could benefit from this type of service.

Alondra - TX

Via Google Review

I recently participated in the EEOLD Certification Training that Raiya offers and it was everything I hoped for and more. I live in Texas so I took the course virtually. I learned so much every class and we were able to take our time in deep discussions, nothing was ever rushed or felt shorted. Raiya and everyone in the class were always so sweet, welcoming, and patient with me since I was the only one in the class that was attending virtually. I got just as much out of every class as every other person that was there in person. Raiya genuinely listens to her students and makes a safe space for any question you may have or topic brought up. After the course is over, there is still so much support and communication between Raiya and the Earthside community. I am so grateful and honored to have met such a wonderful and beautiful community! I am forever grateful

Laurel - Southern UT

Via Google Review

I had been looking for some kind of training for an End of Life Doula program, and could only find those held on the East Coast. I finally searched for any Doulas in the state of Utah, and happened across this program, and found that Raiya was holding a Meet & Greet in my area in the next three weeks. Exactly what I was looking for!
Raiya's class is very comprehensive and full of pertinent information. The class I attended was small and we were able to have really meaningful discussions between all of us. I have had the privilege of attending subsequent classes and have found them all to be enlightening.
Raiya's support and encouragement outside of the classroom has been invaluable. She is more than an instructor. She is a mentor and a treasured friend.

Melanie - UT

Via Google Review

Raiya is a wonderful teacher. She puts care into every detail of her training with an emphasis on community. Thorough end of life doula training from a medical yet holistic perspective. Grateful for the continued support and wonderful people that make up this community.
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