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Womb Alchemy Workshops & Retreats

A Tandem Womb Healing: Coming back to Sacred Sexuality thru Love, Grace, Mercy & Forgiveness 

Earthside Courses

Here, you can read more about Earthside's End of Life Doula Certification course,

the Earthside Caregivers Workshop & Compassion Fatigue Workshops. 

...Soon, Earthside will offer many more courses, so stay tuned for those...

Dry Roses and Diary

Earthside End of Life Doula Certification

Here you will learn all you need to know to confidently care for clients and loved ones facing the end of life transition. 

Earthside comes to this work from a "Midwife's" angle. 

In the Earthside End of Life Doula Certification course, you will learn to effectively navigate the challenging moments you may face with your clients.

You will learn to hold compassionate and sacred space, provide effective companionship and you will know how to provide the essential physical, emotional, spiritual and informational support Doulas are known for. 

Along with all of the many essential caregiving measures, this course will also incorporate herbal support, sacred oils, aroma therapy, sound healing, guided meditation and many other healing modalities you will learn to use in this work to navigate and care for clients and loved ones

And, we give you an in-depth look at Compassion Fatigue and give you tips on self-care to prevent emotional fatigue or burnout... Caregiving for yourself! 

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Caregivers Workshop

Earthside's Caregivers Workshop contains much of the same information as the End of Life Doula course, but it is not for certification. You will effectively learn how to navigate the challenging moments of your loved ones end of life journey, to hold compassionate space for them, and you will learn many of the techniques offered by Doulas to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support. We also teach you about Compassion Fatigue and give you tips on caring for yourself to prevent emotional fatigue or burnout.


Compassion Fatigue Workshop

"Compassion fatigue is a broadly defined concept that can include emotional, physical, and spiritual distress in those providing care to another. It is associated with caregiving where people or animals are experiencing significant emotional or physical  pain and suffering". - CFAP

Earthside works in tandem with (CFAP) Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project to bring you a comprehensive program designed to help you recognize and manage Compassion Fatigue. Earthside helps you navigate the complex spaces on recognizing Compassion Fatigue to help you on the path of wellness.

Earthside can come to your place of business and host a workshop with up to 30 participants. Please contact us with any questions. 

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