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Womb Alchemy Workshops & Retreats

A Tandem Womb Healing through Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness & Love

...Helping Heal the Collective Womb...

~ Private - Workshops - Retreats ~ 

About Kymbr

With a lifetime of observing and personally experiencing the power of energy healing, Kymbr has created services to aid clients in leading healthier, more relaxed lives. These services focus on helping clients to identify possible spiritual or emotional causes of physical ailments before enabling healing and spiritual growth.


As a Practitioner of energy medicine, Kymbr has integrated the principles of shamanism into her professional and personal life as a study, and a daily spiritual practice. As an ordained minister, she has legally joined many couples hands in marriage. Kymbr is a Reiki Master then furthered her studies at Four Winds Society, founded by Alberto Villoldo. As a graduate of the Light Body School, Kymbr was initiated into the wisdom teachings of the Laika, the Earth Keepers.


Kymbr certified as an End of Life Doula through Earthside in 2018 to assist others through their most powerful transition of all, Death.


Kymbr has found that life itself is the most valuable of mystery schools we can attend.


Join the Earthside Angels™!! 


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