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Doula, Monitrice & Reiki Services



 Raiya (phonetically Ray-ya), is a multi-passionate individual who offers many healing modalities, and all services are tailor fit to support your needs. 

  Raiya has over 2 decades of experience caring for the Birthing, the Dying, and Everything in Between. Raiya offers support in all transitional stages: Life to Death, Wellness to Illness, Illness to Wellness, Marriage to Divorce, Single to Marriage, etc... She has even been asked to facilitate a "Tree Ceremony" for a family removing trees from their property who wanted to honor them for their lives before they cut them down. 

Raiya is an experienced "Doula/Monitrice" for all transitions you might be going through. 

As a Doula, Monitrice & Soul Midwife:

 Raiya is an experienced Doula, Monitrice, Student Midwife and Soul Midwife, supporting all people navigating the big, or small, transitions in all facets of life.  

Doula Packages are tailor fit to each client. Please contact Raiya HERE to discuss your needs and receive an estimate. One Meet & Greet is always free of charge and typically done virtually unless otherwise discussed. 

**Please note: Raiya does not offer medical advice. None of her support or offering is of a medical nature. If you think you need medical attention, please contact your medical professional for assistance. 

As the Womb Keeper: 

Raiya provides Support and Ceremony for Wombxn of all ages experiencing all of life's transitions:

  • Birth and Postpartum support: Doula Support, Maiden to Mother & Closing of the Bones Ceremonies

  • Life Doula Support: New Moon: Child to Maiden, Mother to Crone Ceremonies, Menopause Support, Womb Alchemy Workshops & Retreats, Sacred Sexuality Workshops, 13th Rite of the Womb Ceremony​

  • Death Support: End of Life Doula Services

As a Reiki Practitioner:

  Raiya is certified as a Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui System of Reiki Healing. She helps move, shift and support your energy and soothes the subtle energy channels. She does this through a traditional Usui Reiki practice combined with other native and holistic Energy Healing and Movement practices as she intuitively works with you and your energy centers. Raiya also uses these practices in her Womb Alchemy Workshops.  

Book a Reiki Session

Click below to book Raiya as a guest speaker to your podcast, workshop, symposium, exposition, event etc. 

Coming January 2026:
Midwifery Services by Raiya Ivy :)

Tree Ceremony
Tree Ceremony

"Tree Ceremony"

Tree Ceremony


Phone: 385-246-3446

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