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Earthside Doula

Death Doula Services

with Soul Midwife/Death Doula: Raiya Ivy

Death Doula's, also known as End of Life Doula's or a Soul Midwife, hold compassionate and sacred space, providing effective companionship and the essential physical, emotional, spiritual and informational support Doulas are known for. 

Along with all of the many essential caregiving measures, we also incorporate herbal support, sacred oils, aroma therapy, sound healing, guided meditation and many other healing modalities as we navigate and care for clients and loved ones. 

End of Life Doula Services

Interim Care:

This is for clients who have a terminal diagnosis but may still have a lot of life in them. Interim care helps with Activities of Daily Living, Compassionate Service, such as the essential practical, informational, emotional and physical support Doulas are known for, as well as Companionship. 

End of Life Care:

This is for clients who are typically working with Hospice already, and are predicted to have only a couple of weeks to live. This care is very different from interim care as the client may be sleeping much of the time. It is less about Activities of Daily Living and more about Comfort Measures, holding compassionate space and helping loved ones navigate challenging moments during the end of life journey. We also help loved ones & caregivers to reduce or prevent Compassion Fatigue while caring for their dying loved one. We continue to offer Compassionate Service, but this often is more for loved ones than the client. Making sure loved ones are cared for is essential in holding this space sacred and offering a safe space while death occurs. 

Please note: Although Doula's hold loving and compassionate space, and we have a deep and working knowledge about death and grief, we are not therapists. We do not diagnose or treat depression or anxiety, etc. We can listen to your stories and offer general advice if this is welcomed. For anything beyond this, we can refer you to therapists in your area who will be able to help with deeper issues. 

Raiya as a Death Doula/Soul Midwife:

Raiya holds the space of Dying and Death extremely sacred. As an experienced Soul Midwife and Myrrhophore/Myrrh-bearer, Raiya can bring sacred ceremonial aspects into this transition, or keep it as basic as you would like. A good Death Doula/Soul Midwife will always tailor their service to your needs. 

*** If you need financial assistance for End of Life Doula Services in the Salt Lake County area, Earthside has options. Please contact us for more details.

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