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Raiya, (phonetically: Ray-ya) is a Healer, Compassionate Caregiver and “Life Midwife”, caring for people through Birth, Death and Everything in Between. Raiya also teaches and certifies others to be End of Life Doulas and educates Caregivers about Compassion Fatigue. As an empath, her ability to work with the dying came naturally during her years of working with cancer patients. Over time, her desire to hold a more holistic foundation in her caregiving, for all phases of life, led her out of the hospital system and on her own path as a Life Doula, aspiring Midwife, Reiki Master, Herbalist, Artist and owner of Earthside Holistic. Raiya is also currently writing her ‘Love Story’.

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My Story

On a personal note:

Like so many people, I was born into a family with deep ancestral trauma. Especially in my Matriarchal line... there was deep pain where Love should have been. But my story really began at age seven after the first "real" sense of trauma became a reality. This would set my life path spiraling in a completely different direction, ensuring that I would be taken so far away from my True North that I would have plenty of hefty lessons to walk (or crawl) through before finally finding my Self forty years later. I would drop out of high-school, marry young, bare 5 children before I was 28. Divorce by 30, raise my children alone, and put myself through trauma after trauma until finally, at age 47, I found the Source of everything! This changed it all... I was finally able to forgive myself for feeling so hopeless and helpless, for persistent depression, for being an imperfect mom, for allowing abuse in relationships, and eventually forgiving myself for, undoubtedly, being my worst abuser. 

My story has 4 decades of trauma, abuse, abandonment, confusion, homelessness, chronic physical pain, survival, suicidal ideation, lessons, loving a man with mental illness, mercy, forgiveness, compassion and is finally continuing on with Love at the center of everything... along with joy, peace and my own spiritual ascension. I have deeply sacred experiences with angels and those who I lovingly call my "Spirit Tribe", and Dreamwork has been at the core of my personal healing. This is where I am given the deepest and most profound gifts of knowledge that have carried me through the years. 

I have a deep desire, and responsibility, to tell people about my experiences... To talk about "surviving" it all, what I learned, how I learned it and my hope is that it can help someone else who is going through, or feeling, the same things I experienced. The answers for me were really very simple... but so very hard to learn.

One a professional note:

I have worked as a caregiver in some capacity for over 20 years (30 if you count raising children). I have nearly 2 decades of holding the hands and hearts of the chronically ill and the dying, as well as their loved ones. It was such a big part of my life that I finally wrote a program to teach others to care for the dying, how to navigate grief and how to avoid compassion fatigue as a caregiver. I have been featured on podcasts, hosted and emceed live discussions, and taught many courses on what an End of Life Doula is, how they can help support families and loved ones through the end of life transition and how to certify as an End of Life Doula (also known as Death Doula or Soul Midwife). 

Would you like to collaborate on Guest Speaking Engagements?

Please contact me to participate in your podcast, webinar, seminar, exposition, symposium, class, course, workshop, to host or emcee your live event, or to join a panel of specialists in any of the following topics:

  • Death

  • Grief

  • Caregiving & Compassion Fatigue

  • Angels & Spiritual Experiences

  • Dreamwork

  • Mercy, Compassion & Forgiveness

  • Loving someone with Mental Illness

  • Compartmentalizing Love

  • The Source of LOVE

Thank you. All the Love.


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