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Birth Doula Services

with Birth Doula/Monitrice/Student Midwife: Raiya Ivy

Earthside Holistic Doula


Sliding Scale Rates available based on need and proof of prior years income. 


Free 30 minute Meet & Greet, for you and your partner, to get to know each other before signing a Doula agreement.

  • Up to 3 prenatal visits (in-person, virtual, or hybrid). During these visits, we:
    - Discuss your intentions, goals, fears and your birth plan.
    - Teaching techniques for labor
    - Discuss ways your partner and I can work together during your labor
    - Hands-on practice of labor positions, massage techniques and relaxation techniques.

  • Free Unlimited access to my pregnancy/labor & delivery/postpartum Lending Library.

  • You will also meet my back-up doula in the event of illness or needed coverage for long labors.

  • I also now incorporate Reiki/Energy Work into you Birth package if you are interested.

* Additional prenatal visits: See “Add-On Services”

* Herbal support for your pregnancy & and postpartum recovery: See “Add-On Services”

* Guided meditation and prenatal yoga visits: See “Add-On Services”




  • I will be on-call 24/7 for 2 weeks prior to your official due date. If you go into labor sooner than 2 weeks prior, I will make you my priority and realign my schedule to be with you as soon as possible.

  • I will provide continuous support throughout the duration of your labor and birth

    • I will have a backup doula on-call for long labors (24+ hours)

  • I will stay with you up to 4 hours after the birth to help new baby transition, such as breastfeeding/latching, and to provide practical, emotional and informational care and support to you and your partner. When you are feeling settled and ready to rest, this is when I will leave.



  • If you desire, I can put together a beautiful, detailed, written account of events that I witnessed during your birth experience.

  • I provide 2 postpartum visits (in-person/virtual or hybrid) after your birth. During these visits:

    • I can offer emotional support as we discuss and integrate your birth experience & process any questions, issues or emotional experiences you encountered.

    • I can offer informational support and help you practice baby care. IE: baby wearing, diaper changes, latching/feeding and soothing practices.

    • I can help with practical support such as: light house tidying, simple meal prep, baby care while you shower or nap, etc.

  • Additional postpartum visits can be purchased for $88/visit






  • Guided meditation and prenatal yoga visits can be added to your Doula package for $40/hr.

    • Prenatal Yoga adapts and modifies traditional yoga poses to make them safe and more comfortable for expecting moms. Prenatal yoga can: Improve sleep. reduce stress and anxiety and prepare your pelvic floor for your upcoming birth.

  • Additional 60 min prenatal visits: $50 per visit

  • Herbal support for your pregnancy & and postpartum recovery (with optional tea ceremony): Prices vary per product.

  • Sound Healing with fellow healer: $40

  • Prenatal/Birth photography: Prices vary.

    • Services offered/discounted with package by fellow healer.



  • Guided meditation and post-partum yoga: $40/hr

    • Postpartum yoga is a modified, low-intensity yoga practice. This type of yoga is designed to help your body recover from childbirth. Postpartum yoga offers the most benefits during the first three months after childbirth.

  • Postpartum Yoni Steam: $40

  • Postpartum Doula Packages: See Postpartum page HERE


Prenatal Doula Service Terms are as follows:

  • FREE Meet & Greet: Schedule HERE

  • A Birth Doula contract must be signed prior to services starting.

  • $400 non-refundable deposit is due, in full, upon a signed contract. This will count toward final payment. 

  • Remainder of payment is due, in full, within 48 hours of due date.

    • Payment plan option: 3 equal payments paid through Venmo before the official due date.

  • If "add-on's" are added after contract is signed, these payments will be due upon adding the service/item. 

  • All Birth services are offered on a sliding scale basis to  people in need. Please contact with any questions or special needs and to get a sliding scale quote. Must be willing to verify income. Special considerations for Single Parents. Contact HERE for more details.

  • Any applied discounts are at the discretion of the Doula and will be detailed in the signed contract. ​

  • Donation Based Services: Please contact us HERE to be considered for donation based services. Proof of prior 12 months income will need to be witnessed to verify donation based needs. 

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