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Postpartum Doula Services

with Doula: Raiya


Lovingly called the "fourth trimester", many parents find they need additional support for up to 3 months following the birth of their baby. A Postpartum Doula is a trained professional who helps parents adapt to life with their new baby, they work during daytime and/or nighttime hours and postpartum services vary, as each visit is tailored fit to you & your new infants specific needs.

This can look like:

  • Practical support: Helping with light household chores, Meal prep/cooking, Folding laundry, Helping with baby and/or other children so mom can nap/shower/visit/get outside, Comfort measures (stimuli control) etc.

  • Informational support: Education, guidance and understanding postpartum needs, Understanding Midwife/Doctor/Pediatrician instructions, Helping with baby feeding/latching, baby baths, baby wearing, Offer referrals for special needs, etc.

  • Emotional support: Having an understanding and compassionate support person to talk to, and hold space, during your postpartum integration, Help identify postpartum depression, etc.

  • Physical support: Light neck/shoulder/hand/foot massage, Food/Hydration/Herbal support, Hugs!, etc. 

    • Add-on's available: Reiki & Energy work, Yoga & Meditation, Yoni Steam, Etc



  • $30-40/hr for daytime shifts: 8a-8p

  • $35-45/hr for overnight shifts: 8p-8a


  • $40-45/hr for daytime shifts: 8a-8p

  • $50-55/hr for overnight shifts: 8p-8a


Postpartum Doula Service Terms:

  • FREE Meet & Greet:    Schedule HERE

  • A Postpartum Doula contract must be signed prior to services starting.

  • $50 non-refundable retainer fee is due, in full, upon a signed contract. This helps offset the cost of travel/invoicing etc.

  • Minimum Postpartum Doula hours:  3 hours for Day, and 6 hours Overnight.

  • Postpartum doula payment is due in full prior to services. If time is extended during visit, or add-on's given, an additional payment will be finalized prior to departure. If you would like to purchase package deals, please see below.​

    • Payment plans available for package deals.​

    • To create a postpartum package, please contact us HERE

  • All services are offered on a sliding scale basis to ALL people. Please contact with any questions or special needs. Special considerations for Single Parents. Contact HERE for more details.

    • Any applied discounts are at the discretion of the Doula and will be detailed in the signed contract. ​

    • Donation Based Services: Please contact us HERE to be considered for donation based services. 

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