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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

About QHHT:

"QHHT® achieves the deepest level of hypnosis possible, the Somnambulistic level of trance. The Somnambulistic state is ordinarily experienced two times a day: just before becoming awake and just before falling asleep. Most hypnotists do not work in the Somnambulistic level, either because they don’t have the ability to access this level of trance, or they are wary of working in the most mysterious level of hypnosis, which can produce unexpected results, such as reliving a past life. Dolores Cannon’s curiosity and fearlessness about the unknown and untried has ensured her enduring legacy as a pioneer in past life regression who continues to pave the way for QHHT® Practitioners now and in the future with her QHHT® classes.

Dolores Cannon began her research of sacred knowledge and reincarnation nearly 50 years ago by fine-tuning her QHHT® method of hypnosis. By creating a safe and effective method that bypasses the chatter of the conscious mind and focuses on obtaining unlimited information in the Somnambulistic state, Dolores Cannon discovered time travel is possible at any time or place to relive anyone’s past lives.

QHHT® is a powerful tool to access that all knowing part of ourselves that has been called The Higher Self, The Oversoul, even the Soul itself. When we incarnate on Earth we forget our previous lives and connection to our souls and The Source. QHHT® enables all people from any background, culture, religion or belief system to engage with what she called The Subconscious, since it resides beyond the conscious mind. Dolores’s term The Subconscious, which she later abbreviated to The SC, is that greater part of ourselves that is always connected to The Source, or God, and has unlimited knowledge and an unlimited ability to heal the physical body. Sometimes mental and physical ailments are rooted in trauma from past lives; sometimes they are connected to lessons being learned in a person’s present life. The SC reveals the cause and will assist according to any soul’s particular lessons.

By helping thousands of people relive their past lives and heal themselves by using QHHT®, Dolores Cannon discovered a treasure trove of lost knowledge and insights she shared as an author of 19 extraordinary books that cover a myriad of metaphysical concepts and feature historical figures such as Jesus and Nostradamus, as well as Extraterrestrials, UFOs, the origins of life, and The Source of all creation."


        - Excerpt borrowed from the official QHHT website: QHHT Official

About Raiya

Earthside Holistic Doula

Owner and Creatress of Earthside Holistic, Raiya is always searching for new ways to help the betterment of People and Planet. Enter QHHT, which seemed to be a natural progression in the services she offers. Raiya has a passion for helping people discover the deeper levels of themselves, holding space while she journey's into the unknown with you, and engaging in the deeper discussions to encourage growth and self-love among her clients. 

Raiya is newly embarking on this path, and as such, she is currently offering her QHHT sessions on a donation/trade basis. You choose whatever aligns with your purpose... This is a limited time offer... 

If you are a fellow QHHT Practitioner based in Utah, and would like to exchange sessions... Please use the contact page to get in touch!! 





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