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Womb Alchemy Workshop

A Tandem Womb Healing: Coming back to Sacred Sexuality

thru Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness & Love


A Healing Workshop for Womb Carriers and their Partners

Each Workshop has room for 8 couples.

** Workshop price is per couple, not per individual **


• This workshop, and price, is per couple. Not per individual.

• This is Womb Work. It will be deeply nurturing, but it may not be relaxing. Be prepared to meet your wounds, but know you are held and protected through this process.

You don’t have to be a womb carrier to heal the womb. You can participate as the Womb Carrier or embody the Divine Masculine. It is up to you. The point is to have one healing the womb and a trusted partner holding sacred space as the Divine Masculine.

• We all came from wombs; from that of our grandmothers and of our mothers. We were once 3 energetic bodies sharing 1 physical form. (grandmother, mother as a fetus, you as an egg).

•The energies of our heritage are imprinted in us… including a need to heal generational traumas. We all have a responsibility to heal this trauma within ourselves and for our posterity. If you have created humans prior to this healing... then it also becomes their responsibility to heal it.

• We are here to help you move energy so you can continue your womb healing afterward.

• We will continue to be available to help with integration after the workshop ends.

• We also offer 1:1 Reiki sessions if you feel you need additional work after the workshop.


  • Welcome to the Womb

  • Earth Bowl - Intention - Offerings

  • Womb Warming Tea Ceremony

  • Discussion: Womb Space, Grief Work, Holding Space, Divine Masculine

  • Balancing the Nervous System

  • Grounding Meditation: "Opening the Womb"

  • Womb Reiki & Divine Masculine Reiki

  • Return Journey

  • Womb Dance

  • Self-Love: Hydrate & Nourish





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